2016 NPC North Coast Championships – Dean Caputo Q & A


Bodybuilding legend Dean Caputo hasn’t slowed down one rep since being one of the icons of the sport in the ‘80s and ‘90s. The man personifies the fitness world: he’s been a bodybuilding champion, gym owner, sports supplements executive and very active contest promoter for decades. These days, Dean and business partner / IFBB Pro bodybuilder Gregg Krause run the prestigious North Coast Championships, an NPC event and sports festival held this year on May 28.

For detailed information on all the events run at the 2016 North Coast Championships, visit: www.northcoastchampionships.com

What was the genesis for your involvement with the North Coast Championships?

Nearing the end of my bodybuilding career (I retired in 1993), the thought crossed my mind to run an event, so Gregg and I organized the Dean Caputo Powerhouse Classic in 1990 and ran it until 2002. Back then, it was strictly Men’s and Women’s Bodybuilding – that’s it. We were one of the first events in Ohio to have anywhere from 3-5 guest posers at one show, which included some of the biggest names in 1980s bodybuilding. For example, we had Barry DeMey, Ron Love, Paul DeMayo, Mike Quinn, Mike Mattarazzo, Achim Albrecht, Rich Gaspari, Vince Taylor and strongman legend Bill Kazmaier, among others. My business partner Gregg Krause and I have been very successful for a long time in attracting a lot of interest from both competitors and audiences. The NPC North Coast Championships themselves have been around since the early ‘80s but Gregg and I took it over in 2014.

The North Coast Championships holds a unique set of events outside of the realm of bodybuilding and fitness; can you elaborate on these and the rationale for holding them?

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