8 Simple Rules For Clean Eating


By Christine Knight

What is clean eating, anyway?
 Most of us would agree that clean eating includes a chicken breast, white fish, lean cuts of meat, oatmeal, natural almonds, berries, veggies, kale & sweet potatoes.  But much of the foods we buy are lacking nutrition – robbed of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Chicken breasts now contain unnecessary hormones, or worse, may be injected with saline. Our berries are sprayed with pesticides (unless they are organic).  The list goes on.

So what can we do to ensure that our protein shakes actually contain protein that will be fully absorbed into your muscles? Research!  If you want to feel great, age nicely, build lean muscle and burn fat, read the ingredients and do your research for best results.  And remember that taste does not always equal results.

Do you eat clean? Let us know the impact that clean eating has made in your life.
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Here are eight important tips for clean eating:


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