All The Right Choices


By Roland Semprie

As winter goes on, most people have the intention of coming out of the holidays a few pounds heavier or at best, the same weight. With this comes a knowing sense of dread, figuring that there is nothing you can do because you are unable to control the type of food and drink that is served at holiday parties. After the 3rd event in a row, you have possibly convinced yourself that because you’ve slid this far off course, you might as well go all the way (you know, the go big or go home approach, without the go home part) making it an internal competition of debauchery and depravity between your eyes and your stomach. Never a good thing!

The solution is actually quite simple. You need to attack the holidays with a nutritional plan. The same way you have a plan to get the results you are looking for from your training program or any key goals in your life.

Here’s the trick (remember, trick = mindset), it all starts with your mind, where discipline, motivation, your will and your original vision of seeing where you want to become the morning of January 2nd must be a priority. The typical thought process is that the holidays are a write off when it comes to eating well because everyone wants to celebrate and having fun is seen as eating and drinking in excess. This often means eating things you wouldn’t typically indulge in.

If you don’t have time to eat a healthy meal at home prior to the event, make the best choices possible from the selection that is presented. Quite often, that means vegetables, a form of protein, fruits and nuts. You will need to choose a protein you like, pair it with as many vegetables as possible and drink room temperature water or herbal tea (vs. alcohol). If you drink herbal tea or water 2030mins after you have eaten, you will actually help with the digestion of your food.

This solution is better than eating complex carbohydrates (white rice, potatoes, pasta etc.) that will undoubtedly make you feel bloated and create indigestion, especially, after you added into the mix whatever protein you have eaten along with your requisite dessert.

Stick to your original vision. Stick to your goals. Stick to your plan. For those of you who feel you must overindulge I will give you words of wisdom from my mother (and every Caribbean born mother out there): Those who can’t listen must feel. And in your case, that may mean after you have gotten over the sick feeling of having your belly so distended that it hurts to move; after you have skipped breakfast the next day because you haven’t fully digested or eliminated all of the previous night’s food from your system, you will, no doubt be thinking, while your feet are to keep up to the rhythm of the rubber on the treadmill later that day, that you should’ve just done what Roland had advised you to do.

Roland Semprie is regarded as one of the best trainers, fitness consultants and nutritionists in the world.  Semprie is a sought after TV host/personality and corporate speaker.

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