Athlete Profile: Karen Gauvreau


RF-KG-Athlete-Shot copySAGA Sponsored Athlete

Karen Gauvreau is the co-founder of RIPPED FEMME. She has devoted her career to helping women meet their health and fitness goals by creating a sports supplement brand specifically formulated for the female body. She says, “Making strong women stronger is what I live for.”

Karen is also a published writer and contributor on numerous topics relating to health and fitness for various print and online publications. Leading by example, she continues to embrace and live a fit and healthy lifestyle at home with her son by keeping him active through playing sports and enjoying the outdoors.

“I AM—two of the most powerful words that can change your life. You can put these two words before anything you are, or anything you want to be. I AM passionate. I AM real. I AM fearless. I AM beautiful. I AM RIPPED FEMME.” — Karen Gauvreau

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