Canadian multiple world-record holder coming out of retirement


The bulldog is back.

After an 8-year layoff, Shawn O’Halloran is set to return to competitive powerlifting this Saturday (April 23) at the Belle River Open.

Shawn is an icon in international powerlifting and one of Canada’s most recognized weightlifters ever. His list of accomplishments in the sport is jaw-dropping and includes:


  • Over 12 world records in the 125 kg and Super-Heavyweight equipped class Masters 1 division bench press
  • 2007 World Champion in the 125 kg equipped Masters 1 division, competing in all three lifts (squat, bench press and deadlift)
  • Bench pressed 600 pounds raw and 706 pounds equipped at the age of 43
  • Numerous Canadian records in the bench press, squat and totals
  • Highest all-time Wilks Rating for equipped bench in the Canadian Powerlifting Union (CPU). This record has stood for almost 10 years.

Over the last eight years, Shawn has been busy coaching and training most of the elite bench pressers in the CPU. He is already renowned as a trainer of champions and is currently training Sara Cowan (Junior 83kg class) who has the potential to gain the title of world champion at this year’s International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) World Championships in Texas in June.

Shawn lives in Belle River with wife Vicki and sons Gabe and Liam, both of whom started benching at age 11. Both young men were able to lift 315 pounds on the bench while they were only 15 years old!

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