Fast Fitness: Barbell Complex Workout


By Rachel Debling
Illustrations By Mark Collins

When lack of space and an overload of members make your gym workout tedious, turn that negative into a positive with a workout style that will keep you in one spot with a single piece of equipment. “A barbell complex involves using one barbell with one weight for several different movements,” explains Dan Trink, CSCS, author of High-Intensity 300. But, he explains, there’s a catch: you can’t pause or put down the barbell between exercises. Sound intimidating? It is: you should be sweating buckets and fully fatigued by the time your 20-minute routine is through.

Get Started

Trink recommends doing three to five rounds of this series with one to two minutes of rest between circuits. Aim for six to 10 reps of each movement (your weight should be light enough that you can make it through all exercises but are fatigued at the end).

Tip: Try doing this circuit with an unloaded bar first, then adding plates as you get the hang of it.

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