Fast Fitness: The “Man-Up” Workout


By Rachel Debling
Illustrations By Mark Collins

As a boxing coach, personal trainer, kettlebell instructor, and a black belt martial artist, Tony Wallace has dabbled in many fitness forays — but he still considers one to be tops. “The kettlebell is the best stand-alone exercise equipment for conditioning, strength building, endurance, and overall health,” he testifies.

This quickie workout utilizes his favourite tool in a fast-paced circuit — Tony attests that it will “blast your metabolic rate through the roof.” Like the name suggests, it’s guaranteed to make a man out of you (while possibly crying like a baby).

Get Started
Do this workout in a ladder format: one rep is all four exercises done once in succession. Keeping this rep scheme in mind, do 10 reps before resting. Next, do eight, then six, four, and two. If you have time — and have it in you — reverse to return to the top of the “ladder.” Don’t do this workout any more than once every 48 hours.

Tip: Try starting with a 45-pound kettlebell. Gauge your level of exertion, and adjust your resistance in the following workout.

Fast Fitness: The “Man-Up” WorkoutPush-Up
Get into a push-up position with each hand on a kettle bell. Bend your arms, pause, then extend.

Fast Fitness: The “Man-Up” WorkoutDouble Squat
Hold two ’bells under your chin with your elbows lifted. Sink into a squat, pause, then stand.

Fast Fitness: The “Man-Up” WorkoutRenegade Row
From the top of the push-up, row one ’bell up beside your chest. Lower and repeat on the other side.

Fast Fitness: The “Man-Up” WorkoutDouble Clean And Press
Hold two ’bells with arms extended down. Squat and quickly extend your legs, pulling the weights up to racked height, then press overhead.

Training Terminology

Just what those ’bell enthusiasts mean
Horns: The handle of a kettle bell.
Pood: Traditional weight measurement of Russian ’bells; approximately 16 kgs.
Girevoy: A style of competitive kettlebell training.
Swing: One of the basic movements which trains the posterior chain.
Turkish get-up: A full-body, multi-step exercise using a single kettlebell that brings you from lying to standing.

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