How To Dress Like TV’s Most Dashing Dudes


By The Editors
Photos By Arsenik Studios Inc.

Rikky Khanna, style guru and owner of the Toronto-based menswear store Spier & Mackay, helps us assemble five outfits inspired by TV’s most dashing dudes. From pants to jackets to kicks and beyond, we’ve got the tips, tricks, and trends to keep you as dapper as Don.

Harvey Specter



The Profile
Occupation: Lawyer
Interests: Vinyl records, sports, work
Favourite Drink: Scotch on the rocks

Don Draper
Mad Men


Frank Ockenfels/AMC

The Profile
Age: 35-40
Occupation: Ad Agency Director
Interests: Cars, drinking, women
Favourite Drink: Old Fashioned

Spencer Strasmore


Jeff Daly/HBO

The Profile
Age: 45-50
Occupation: Sports Agent
Interests: Football, money, cars
Favourite Drink: Champagne

Danny Castellano
The Mindy Project


Emily Shur/Fox

The Profile
Age: 40-45
Occupation: Doctor
Interests: Baseball, boxing, music
Favourite Drink: Tonic water

New Girl


Rogers Media

The Profile
Age: 28-33
Occupation: Marketing Associate
Interests: Fitness, style, partying
Favourite Drink: Beer

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