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Another new supplement to hit the circuit this year is HyperFlex Nutrition, coming out of the gates with two products: HyperFlex Nutrition Pre Workout and Post Workout. Impressive and researched ingredient lists make this pair promising contenders in the fight against the dreaded plateau. 

postHyperFlex Pre Workout kicks off with a 3g dose of Creatine Monohydrate, long since proven to help increase strength, power and muscle mass when combined with resistance training. 3g is enough to get you through the loading phase and is great for maintenance so you don’t have to track when you started or change your routine. It’s on the lighter side for stimulants with 100g of Caffeine – enough to give you a boost and excellent if you’re prone to working out in the evenings. With a host of vitamins and some l-arginine for vasodilation, HyperFlex Nutrition has presented a well-rounded pre workout that should give you the extra “oomf” you need to push through a tough workout. For a full breakdown, check out this HyperFlex Pre Workout review.

prePost workout recovery is just as important as pre workout prep, so HyperFlex also released the aptly named HyperFlex Post Workout supplement to complete the stack. It’s a simple but effective formula that uses just 6 active ingredients to help support the muscle recovery process. L-carnitine, l-glutamine and l-tyrosine make up the big three, helping to repair and prevent the muscle tissue damage associated with resistance training, and another set of vitamins get in there to help with nutrient break down. Balanced, simple and effective, HyperFlex has delivered a supplement stack worth some attention.

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