Is She Into You?


This handy guide will walk you through the vast world of female “tells.” We sit down with relationship experts and dive deep into the psychology, signs, and behaviours that will let you know if she’s really that into you. Allow us to be your wingman.

By Ryan Bolton

Let’s start here: men are creeps. Yes, you — reading this. You’re a bit of a creeper. Whether you mean to or not, you’ll come off as creepy at some point or another. It’s inevitable. And yes, ladies can be total creepers too. They’re just more subtle about it, and way better at covering their tracks.

The difference is, your creepiness can be the determining factor in whether you’ve got a hope in hell of attracting that girl you’re staring at (hey — focus! We’re talking to you). Whether your move is a look across the room, a nod or a wave, or even striking up a conversation, your creepiness will incite a response of some kind — good or bad. To break it down, we’ve drafted an anecdotal list of scenarios that point to the former. From giggling to gazing and beyond, here’s how to know if she’s into you.

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