Your “Results Guaranteed” Five-Day Split


By Jon-Erik Kawamoto, MSC, CSCS
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Your Five-Day Jump Start Workout Plan

Are you sick of lifting weights and not seeing results? Going to the gym and just doing biceps curls and bench presses is not your answer. Building a symmetrical physique that actually fills out your shirt requires structure, planning, dedication, and hard work. This program uses science and practical experience to maximize your muscle-building potential.

According to scientific research, muscle hypertrophy is best seen when workouts meet these three criteria:

  • Mechanical tension: External forces applied to the muscles by the weights, resulting in muscle contraction.
  • Metabolic stress: The accumulation of metabolic byproducts, referred to as metabolites (e.g. lactate, hydrogen ions, and inorganic phosphate), during and following resistance exercise, which indirectly mediate cell and muscle swelling.
  • Muscle damage: Referring to micro tears accrued from deliberately lifting weights, usually accompanied by delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

This five-day training split will meet these criteria. To support new muscle growth, ensure your nutritional plan puts you in a slight calorie surplus. Also, make sure you recover well between workouts and sleep for eight uninterrupted hours per night.

The following exercises are divided into workouts that target particular bodily regions; make sure you refer to the Intensity Booster section to ensure you perform the exercises appropriately.  Perform a set of exercise 1, take the recommended rest period, then proceed to exercise 2. Complete all sets of each circuit before moving to the next. Also, adjust the amount of weight for each exercise accordingly to challenge you through the prescribed number of reps.

Your Training Split

Day 1:  Target – Legs and Abs
Day 2:  Target – Chest and Biceps
Day 3:  Target – Cardio
Day 4:  Target – Back and Triceps
Day 5:  Target – Shoulders, Calves, and Forearms
Day 6:  Target – Rest/Optional Cardio
Day 7:   Target – Rest

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