Model Submission

If you're one of the many women who has shot with an esteemed photographer who is submitting photos on your behalf, we can't wait to see them. However, we still need your contact and personal info to get in touch with you if you make the list, so you will still be required to submit this form to be considered. (In this case, any three photos can be attached – don't worry, we'll only select the best ones from each model's total submissions. Trust us!)

You must upload five photos (minimum of 3 photos, maximum of 5) but don't worry, it's super easy! Just make sure the photos are less then 4mb per file and are JPGs. *(Keeping files size low will result in faster upload time)

Please note the following very carefully prior to submitting to ensure your submission will be accepted.

1. Photos were taken in the CURRENT calendar year.
2. Images are in COLOUR (black & white will NOT be considered)
3. Do not feature nudity or other people.
4. Photos taken on a phone or any mobile device will not be considered.
5. Image has not been previously published in print or online.
6. The model/photographer must own the rights to the image.
7. A model/photographer release will be required.

All photos are to be labeled as follows:

First_Last Name_Photographer_Name_#



Hot and Fit

select up to 5 images (max size 4mb)