Mr. Olympia 2017 Recap


The 2017 Mr. Olympia was hosted on September 14-17th, 2017 in Nevada and Inside Fitness was there to witness the action. We saw some familiar faces who continued their reign as champions, as well as a few new faces on this year's leaderboard. Here are the results from this year's show.

Left to Right – Jim Manion, Phil Heath, David Pecker

Mr. Olympia
5th – Shawn Rhoden
4th – Dexter Jackson
3rd – William Bonac
2nd – Mahdouh Elssbiay
1st – Phil Heath

Left ti Right – 4th David Henry, 2nd Ahmad Ashkanani 1st Flex Lewis, 3rd Jose Raymond, 5th Derek Lunsford

Men's 212 Olympia
5th – Derek Lunsford
4th – David Henry
3rd – Jose Raymond
2nd – Ahmad Ashkanani
1st – James Lewis

Left to Right – 4th Arash Rahbar, 2nd Chris Bumstead, 1st Breon Ansley, 3rd George Peterson, 5th Danny Hester

Men's Classic Physique Olympia
5th – Danny Hester
4th – Arash Rahbar
3rd – George Peterson
2nd – Chris Bumstead
1st – Breon Ansley

Left to Right – 4th Raymont Edmouds, 2nd Andre Ferguson, 1st Jeremy Buendia, 3rd Brandon Hendrickson, 5th Jeremy Potvin

Men's Physique Olympia
5th – Jeremy Potvin
4th – Raymont Edmonds
3rd – Brandon Hendrickson
2nd – Andre Ferguson
1st – Jeremy Buendia

Bikini Olympia Winners – 4th Casey Samsel, 2nd Jennifer Ronzitti, 1st Angelica Teixeira, 3rd Romian Basualdo, 5th Narmiu Assia

Ms. Bikini Olympia
5th – Narmin Assria
4th – Casey Samsel
3rd – Romina Basualdo
2nd – Jennifer Ronzitti
1st – Angelica Teixeira

Women’s Physique Winners- 4th Kira Neuman, 2nd Jennifer Taylor, 1st Juliana Malacarne, 3rd Heather Grace, 5th Sheronica Henton

Women's Physique Olympia
5th – Sheronica Henton
4th – Kira Neuman
3rd – Heather Grace
2nd- Jennifer Taylor
1st – Juliana Malacarne

Fitness Olympia Winners – 4th Ryall Graber, 2nd Myriam Capes, 1st Oksana Grishina, 3rd Regiane Dasilva, 5th Bethany Wagner

Women's Fitness Olympia
5th – Bethany Wagner
4th – Ryall Graber
3rd – Regiane Da Silva
2nd – Myriam Capes
1st – Oksana Grishina

Figure Olympia Winners – 4th Heather Dees, 2nd Latorya Watts, 1st Cydney Gillon, 3rd Candice Lewis-Carter, 5th Nicole Wilkins

Women's Figure Olympia
5th – Nicole Wilkins
4th – Heather Dees
3rd – Candice Lewis – Carter
2nd – Latorya Watts
1st – Cydney Gillon

Photos by Garry Bartlett

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