Photographer Submissions

Before sending, make sure that all photos are edited high-resolution JPEGS in full colour.

Please also ensure the following the details:

1. All photos were taken in the past year and are unpublished (print/digital).
2. Do not feature nudity or other people.
3. No photographer watermarks or logos.
4. The model/photographer owns the rights to the image.
5. All models are required to complete the registration form at models-submissions

Along with the photos, please submit the photographer’s name, phone number, and email. Photos without this information will not be accepted.

All photos are to be labeled as follows:

First Name + Last Name_Photographer Credit_#


JaneDoe_ PhotographerCredit_1.jpg
JaneDoe_ PhotographerCredit_2.jpg
JaneDoe_ PhotographerCredit_3.jpg
JaneDoe_ PhotographerCredit_4.jpg
JaneDoe_ PhotographerCredit_5.jpg

Email submissions to

We accept:

1. Dropbox links (please no shared folders)
2. WeTransfer
3. USB drive
4. CD or DVD sent to:

IFM Media Attn: Hot & Fit Submissions
1193 North Service Road W Unit C5
Oakville, ON
L6M 2V8