Resolve Is Back — Stop Smoking Now


It has all the markings of one of those tragic stories where an individual is wrongly accused, then jailed, for a crime they didn’t commit.

The popular Resolve stop-smoking aid, which sold over 250,000 units, was pulled from the shelves eight years ago based on a Health Canada ruling which has just been overturned.

Federal Court Justice James Russell said that after pharmaceutical giant Pfizer complained to Health Canada in mid-2007, the government claimed Resolve contained a substance drawn from passionflower, and would be harmful. The company showed independent lab tests confirming the product contained no passionflower, and Health Canada ultimately accepted that it was not harmful.

At every stage, as the company tried to make its case for a licence to sell Resolve, Dr. Robin Marles, the director of Health Canada’s clinical trials bureau, denied it any fairness, Justice Russell said.

The result: Resolve was wrongly banned from the market for eight years. Justice Russell ordered Health Canada to approve a natural-health-product licence for Resolve within 30 days, so the stop-smoking lozenges should be back in stores soon.

Resolve is manufactured by The Winning Combination (TWC) of Winnipeg.

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