The Best Accessories Of 2015


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Look cool, feel cool, be cool – it’s that easy with these items that will take you from the office to the gym and beyond.

Best Watch For Playing Dress-Up

The Best Accessories Of 2015

Nixon Men’s The Ranger
As sleek and sexy as any model we’ve ever featured in Muscle Car (or Female Elegance, for that matter), this timepiece oozes sophistication, and you will too if you wear it – even if your idea of “high class” amounts to showing up blazed to second period. (On that note, maybe we should have a talk…)

Best Way To Stay Hydrated

The Best Accessories Of 2015

Clean Bottle Square
Not only does this Clean Bottle variation resemble a cool, unpronounceable IKEA lamp, but its mod design serves a purpose – no rolling means no worries. Made with Titan plastic, it’s BPA-free and has a removable top and bottom for thorough cleaning. (That means, more importantly, no post-protein shake skunk smell. Shudder.)

Best Way To Work Out To Music

The Best Accessories Of 2015

Neptune V2
Okay, so we know you’ve seen underwater headphones before, but these take the water-logged cake. This set doesn’t use earbuds – they actually attach to your swimming goggles and transmit sound through your cheekbones (you read that right) with the crisp, clear sound quality that matches that of brands not recommended for use in the water.
$159.99 USD

Best Way To Trek Gear

The Best Accessories Of 2015

The North Face Medium Base Camp Duffel
Like a 100-year-old tortoise, this sack is durable, resilient, and large – and it’ll allow you to carry almost your entire home with you. (Get it? A shell joke?) Whether you are bringing it with you camping, to the gym, or just using it to carry your entire CD library (you do know about digital music, don’t you?), this piece of luggage hits the spot.

Best Recovery Product

The Best Accessories Of 2015

GO Tape
Spandex is no longer just for yoga pants and ’80s-inspired videos. This kinesiology tape is not only affordable, it is also longer-lasting, thanks to a special aging process that causes it to stick for days on end without compromising comfort. And, if fashion’s your thing, it’s available in numerous eye-catching colours to match all of your outfits.
From $13.99 USD

Best New Fitness Tracker

The Best Accessories Of 2015

Fitbit Surge
Though pricier than their standard models, this next-generation Fitbit has all the bells and whistles you’d expect from the company that started the wearable tech trend. Complete with extended battery life and a display that allows you to scroll through workouts and check your route ahead, this purchase will undoubtedly keep you on the fitness straight-and-narrow.

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