The Best Grooming Products Of 2015


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Gone are the days of cosmetics being a women’s industry. Today, a well-groomed man is a successful man.

Best Beard Oil

The Best Grooming Products Of 2015

Burroughs Beard Oil
Prospector Co.’s  Burroughs Beard Oil is easily the manliest item in this entire magazine. Good for everything from a five-o’clock shadow to a fully grown beard, this earthy oil’s scent is described as “freshly chopped forest woods in a dusty carpenter’s workshop.” Told you it’s manly. Great for all skin types, Burroughs Beard Oil also helps moisturize the skin and follicles hidden under your beard.

Best Beard Trimmer

The Best Grooming Products Of 2015

Philips Beard Trimmer 9000
This state-of-the-art facial hair trimmer from Philips is the first electric razor to come equipped with a laser. This razor laser (confirmed: that is the most fun thing to say, ever) works the same as a handyman’s level does – it projects straight red lines onto your face, guiding you to a perfect trim every time. On top of that, it comes preloaded with 17 different length settings, a dual-sided razor for those hard-to-trim areas, and is completely waterproof.

Best Hair Product

The Best Grooming Products Of 2015

Fellow Barber Texture Paste
This medium-hold texture paste from Fellow Barber works like pomade does, but it’s a lot less shiny and oily, and, as its name suggests, it’s far more textured. Fellow Barber’s paste stands above the competition because it can claim what several cosmetic companies can’t: it’s paraben-free, sulfate-free, and not tested on animals. Plus, their clean green branding just screams style, doesn’t it?

Best Cologne

The Best Grooming Products Of 2015

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino
Part of the all-new Private Blend Collection from Tom Ford, this citrusy scent boasts notes of lemon, neroli, orange flower, and bergamot. While Tom Ford’s own website claims it captures “the cool breezes, sparkling clear water, and lush foliage of the Italian Riviera,” this new fragrance will make you feel exotic no matter where in the world you are.

Best Straight Razor

The Best Grooming Products Of 2015

Sage Blades Straight Razors
Up front and honest: you can find straight razors that do as good a job at a much more affordable price. What you won’t find, however, is a straight razor as cool. That’s because each Sage Blades razor is handcrafted by a California-based cutler who uses only rare and exotic materials from a series of extinct animals. His current line, for example, features razors made from ancient mammoth ivory, fossilized walrus tusk, and Steller’s sea cow rib. Fine – maybe this is manlier than the beard oil.

Best Anti-Aging Product

The Best Grooming Products Of 2015

Wellman Anti-Ageing Moisturizer
While no moisturizer can completely stop aging (yes, aging with no “e” – damn foreign spelling!) in its tracks, Wellman’s concoction does a damn fine job in fighting it off. Thanks to its scientific formula, packed with loads of vitamins and minerals, this hydrating cream helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and offers daily protection against the harsh effects of shaving, sunlight, and dryness. Simply massage a dab into your face and neck every morning and night, and you’ll notice a difference in no time.

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