The Best Media Of 2015


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Our breakdown of the year’s best new shows, websites, movies, and more.

Best Video Game

The Best Media Of 2015

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
If you grew up playing video games, then you also grew up with Solid Snake and his famous Metal Gear series. In The Phantom Pain, you’ll take control of Big Boss and his mercenary Diamond Dogs and save the world from another disaster. It’s a rush of nostalgia as you finally tie up the epic story that Kojima and co. started telling way back in 1987. The game received a 10/10 rating from game critic GameSpot, making it just the 11th game in history to be considered perfect.

Best Movie

The Best Media Of 2015

Perhaps our love for Sylvester Stallone has clouded our judgement, but the spiritual successor to the Rocky series is our pick for the best flick of the year. As Rocky Balboa passes the series’ torch on to a new fighter, Creed dives into the story of the son of Apollo Creed – one of Rocky’s greatest rivals. Through a dramatic turn of events, a weathered old Rocky winds up as the trainer and mentor for the younger Creed, imparting him with what it takes to be a champion.

Best TV Show

The Best Media Of 2015

It was tough not to name Netflix’s Narcos as the television show of the year, but we simply cannot deny the charisma of The Rock. In what is essentially the football version of Entourage, Dwayne Johnson stars as the financial manager for a pack of high-rolling football superstars. The HBO-produced show had such a successful first run that it was renewed for a second season after just three episodes.

Best Book

The Best Media Of 2015

My Fight / Your Fight
Love her or hate her, there’s no denying Ronda Rousey is one of the most fascinating fighters for our generation. Her new book, My Fight / Your Fight, charts her journey to the top, detailing everything from the loss of her father as an eight-year-old to her insane training regimen. Rousey uses her book as a platform to reflect on the turning points in her life, teaching readers to battle through adversity and turn limitation into opportunity.

Best Website

The Best Media Of 2015
While 10 Minute Mail would probably be atop the list of the worst-looking websites, its functionality propels it to the top of our favourites list (beauty’s on the inside, right?). As its name suggests, this site will hook you up with an email account that self-destructs 10 minutes after it’s activated. The perfect defense against spam, this service is a great work-around for sites that require email registration before you can take full advantage of their content (probably porn, but we’re not judging).

Best Fitness App

The Best Media Of 2015

This fitness Facebook is a social media haven for the health conscious. From video lessons from top coaches to easy-to-update workout logs, Cody is an interactive online community that, as their slogan proclaims, will help you  “be your best you.” If you’re up-to-date with other social media platforms, you’ll love its interface. It’s very Instagram-esque, so there shouldn’t be much of a learning curve. While the app is free, you’ll have a menu of options for in-app purchases – most of which are completely worth it.

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