Your Best Shape Ever!


By Kerrie Lee Brown

Have you ever wished there was a magic potion that could strip you of those last few pounds with a single sip? For the ladies: something that could give you perfect curves in a snap of a finger – or for the men, bulging muscles in a few minutes! Just think of the increased confidence you’d have if this were only realistic. Instant good looks, personal satisfaction, and a perfect life without picking up weights, hiring a personal trainer, or thinking about your next healthy meal. Yeah, right! Now everyone, turn on the lights and wake up! This is not going to happen! And there’s no way around it – you just have to put in a little elbow grease if you want to sculpt your bod to perfection. And that’s a fact.

Your Body, Your Temple 

Your body is a constant work in progress – “work” being the operative word. For instance, as kids we always worked hard to build strong bones, healthy teeth etc, and the same goes for adulthood and muscle building. You just have to take a good look at cover models or the beautiful people that grace magazine pages to know that they look that way because they work at it. To get a competition-like physique or one that’s ready for a professional photo shoot takes hours of dedication in the gym, at home, and at play. Looking like you’re ready to step on stage means planning your workouts, actually sticking to them every day (or at least three times a week), and eating right. It’s tough, but like the saying goes: it’s often the journey not the destination that is the most rewarding.

Reap The Rewards

Want to know how you can look great, too? Well, first off, don’t make any more excuses for not sticking to your nutritional plan or making it to the gym. With all of the media hype around “staying in shape” and getting healthy and fit, there’s certainly no reason for not doing so! Second, break any unhealthy habits  – keep in mind that smoking went out with the 80s.

So try to enjoy the journey. Take pleasure in your workouts and your experiences. The gym is a great place to meet people with similar interests, and don’t fight the “healthy” foods issue. Be thankful you have the opportunity (and the knowledge) to eat wholesome products. There are many people who are not so fortunate. Enjoy your positive physical and mental changes every day – because chances are your new found confidence will be noticed by others too. Good luck!

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