By Tim Rigby, M.A., NSCA-CPT

Marc Megna has become one of the premier personal training consultants in the Miami area. The former NFL and CFL standout has progressively made a name for himself through his strength and conditioning consulting services based in Florida. He is a MuscleTech-sponsored athlete and hosts a regular podcast series known as “Megna Method.” On April 28, Marc sat down with Inside Fitness and Inside Fitness Womenpublisher Terry Frendo.

After conducting a photo shoot in Miami that day, Terry discussed several issues pertaining to the modern state of fitness and the fitness publishing industry. Terry shared his thoughts on what he’s learned over the years and some of his personal keys to success. He and Marc also discussed Bob Kennedy, sports, and what motivates people. This podcast is a captivating exchange between two of the fitness industry’s most knowledgeable and successful men.

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