Back to Jacked Contest Winner – Becci Vaughan

Becci Vaughan

Among hundreds of entires, the winner of the 2017 JackedScholar Back to Jacked Search is Becci Vaughan, from the University of Ottawa! Becci is a 4th year student studying Biology, and is proof that it is possible for students to achieve their goal physique while juggling studies and social commitments. Congratulations Becci, and a special mention to our runners up, Colby Van Den Enden of George Brown College (2nd Place) and Marlon Ordog of Sheridan College.

“A special thank you again to JackedScholar for running this amazing contest and to Inside Fitness for this unbelievable opportunity to be featured in their magazine!” – Becci Vaughan

Back to Jacked Search Winner Becci Vaughan

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We asked Becci some questions about her lifestyle and how she is able to stay in such a fantastic shape.

1. Give us a Brief summary of your training regime (splits, reps/sets, etc).

I’m currently training for CPA Natural Nationals in the Figure Division, and I’m coached by National CPA Figure competitor Tatiana Green.

My training regime right now for my off season consists of two shoulder days, a back day, arm day, glutes/hamstrings day, and a plyometrics day with some light cardio mixed in (the stair master being my all time favourite!), and my rest days are taken intuitively.

My workouts are designed to be hypertrophic, meaning I stick within the 10-12 rep range usually, adding in a bit of strength training (6-8 reps) to help avoid plateaus.

2. Tell us a little bit about your diet?

My diet consists of simple and wholesome foods with a high protein content to help maximize muscle growth. Eggs, oatmeal, chicken, fish, and broccoli are some of my diet staples! I eat 5-6 small meals a day because my body best functions on smaller, consistently sized meals, compared to your typical breakfast/lunch/dinner larger meals.

3. How did you get into fitness?

I’ve always been an athlete since I was little, competing in horseback riding, soccer, dancing, cross country, track & field, and swimming.

I started lifting about 5 years ago during my university years at Therien Kickboxing Jiu-Jitsu where they ran strength and HIIT circuits programs. I soon developed a passion for lifting, and after university I started prepping for my first bodybuilding competition.

Since then I switched my career path towards helping others grow and improve their own health and fitness by starting my coaching business Body By Becci and working at Anytime Fitness as a personal trainer. I competed in my second bodybuilding competition this year at OPA (now CPA) Natural Provincials, qualifying for nationals!

4. How important proper supplementation is to reaching your health and fitness goals? What supplements you take?

Proper supplementation is essential to helping me grow and improve as a figure competitor. My staple supplements include whey isolate, Vitamin D, glutamine, probiotics, and greens. Additionally during competition prep I take magnesium and fish oil.

Quality and proper supplementation makes all the difference when you’re trying to maximize results. Providing my body with these supplements compliments my diet and training regime to optimize digestion, muscle recovery and ultimately muscle growth.

5. What is your favourite thing about the fitness industry/fitness in general?

My favourite part about the fitness industry is being surrounded by such positive, motivating and like minded people, all focused on bettering themselves and others.

We are all human which comes with moments of doubt and daily struggles. Together though, we help lift one another up so we can push through those times and ultimately become a stronger and better version of ourselves than we could ever be if attempted alone. And that to me is amazing!

6. What advice would you give to those looking to make a change or those who are new to fitness?

For anyone new to fitness, first off I want to congratulate you for taking your first steps toward improving your health and fitness! Whether you are brand new to fitness or you’re making strides toward a new goal, my advice to you is to break down your large goal into much smaller goals to avoid overwhelming yourself.

Execution trumps knowledge any day of the week (my favourite quote by Tony Robbins), so don’t worry about your workout or your diet being perfect all the time. Life happens and things get in the way, so practice relishing in your small successes, and before you know it those small goals will accumulate into larger achievements!


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