The world of supplements is ever growing, which is both a gift and a curse. Having so many options available allows for endless experimentation to find the combination of ingredients that best suits you – but how do you decide where to start, or what to try next? While it can be a difficult arena to navigate, some companies – like newcomer HexoFire Labs – strive to make that choice easy.

With sleek design and compact size, HexoFire Labs has hit the market with a running start. They’re all about quality, simplicity and focus, and this is apparent with their debut product, Delta Prime. To help speak to the quality of their flagship supplement, HexoFire has secured the endorsement and sponsorship of personal trainer, fitness model and former MLB draftee, Paul Marlow. With Paul’s nod of approval and a killer formula, Delta Prime is poised to become a leading competitor in the supplement game.



What Is Delta Prime?
So, what is this new, buzz-worthy product? HexoFire Delta Prime is a testosterone support supplement. The key word here is “support”. This is not a testo booster making wild claims that it will jack your testo levels and sex drive to the moon. Rather, Delta Prime focuses on supporting your body’s own production of testosterone, giving it the tools it needs to function at its natural best. Through research, trial and error, and determination, HexoFire has put together an insightful formula that speaks to the body’s nutritional needs as well as borrows from the wisdom of several traditional medicinal systems.

Part of the insight of this formula is in its simplicity. Delta Prime contains only 7 ingredients, using a combination of vitamins, minerals, and herbs to get the job done. Using some industry favourites like Horny Goat Weed, Tribulus and Tongkat Ali, the stars in this mix are truly Vitamin D and Zinc. Many of us are already aware of the importance of Vitamin D in the diet, especially in its relation to helping us absorb calcium. Many of us are also aware that being the “sunshine vitamin”, it’s easy to be lacking in Vitamin D due to a primarily indoor lifestyle. However, did you know that Vitamin D may play a crucial role in the regulation of testosterone? Studies have found that men with low testosterone also tend to have deficient levels of Vitamin D. Further, they saw that when Vitamin D levels were raised out of the deficiency range, testosterone levels also rose. The same relationship was seen with zinc. Zinc is a fairly easy mineral to come by in foods, but a large part of the American population is still deficient. This deficiency has also been correlated with low testosterone levels, and, like with Vitamin D, an increase in zinc came with an increase in testosterone. With this knowledge, HexoFire made sure to include each in their Delta Prime testo support supplement to help combat some of the nutritional deficiencies correlated with lower than normal T-levels. This is the kind of problem-solving we like to see in our supplements.


More Than Just Testo Support
While they have applied laser focus to the development of their flagship Delta Prime product, HexoFire is on a mission to prove they’re more than a one-trick pony. Accompanying the release of Delta Prime is the simply named Nitric Oxide, designed to complement testo support with workout support. Again, the company’s understanding of what the body needs shines through, as working out heavy helps the body to produce and maintain testosterone. With just two products, HexoFire is able to target exactly what you need to get motivated and start feeling great.

More About HexoFire Labs
HexoFire Labs is a Canadian owned company based out of Calgary AB. With manufacturing facilities in the United States, one of its pride-points is the top quality of all their supplements. Running out of a GMP-approved facility, every batch of product is tested for composition and ingredient quality before being packaged up and sent out for use. There’s no guessing with HexoFire Labs – what’s on the label is exactly what you get in every dose. With these strict quality expectations forming the basis of the company ethos, we’re excited to see what they come out with next. Learn more about HexoFire Labs by visiting their brand site for Delta Prime reviews, information on their sponsored athletes, and more.