Conquer All Nutrition is a new distribution and wholesale company that specializes in bringing the most delectable protein bars and edibles to the Canadian market. They also provide top quality innovative sports nutrition and accessories.

But don’t let the fact that this is a new company fool you! The team behind Conquer All Nutrition, husband and wife Jamie and Erin Aszmies, bring twenty years of industry knowledge and experience to the table. They complement each other perfectly, and they pride themselves on sharing and living the health and fitness lifestyle together. They are also hardcore gym rats who understand the need and importance for sports nutrition and performance supplements.

Erin has been very active with her love for fitness and strength training for the past decade. Some of you may know Jamie or have seen him at trade shows as he is a very recognizable figure standing 6’8” and weighing 360lbs. Simply know as Big Jamie, he has previously worked with some of the top brands in Canada. He has also had a very successful professional strongman career and, as one of Canada’s Strongest Men for many years during the early 2000s, he was highlighted by representing Canada at the World’s Strongest man Championships in 2004.

Together they are introducing some very impressive brands and products to Canada.   These include Battle Bites from BattleOats, Warrior Crunch Bars from Warrior Supplements, Battle Shakers, and Protein Brownies from RSP Nutrition.

UK based brand creating Battle Bites, a tasty, wholesome, low sugar, and high protein snack that stand tall nutritionally, and they taste AWESOME! @BattleOats

The Warrior Crunch Bar is a delicious candy bar like protein snack that boast great macros in a variety of amazing flavours. #warriorcrunch

Fresh off their debut at this year’s Mr. Olympia, Battle Shakers will enable you to blow your competition out of the water. Check out these weapons of mass destruction @battleshakers

RSP Protein Brownies are free of artificial colours, flavours, and trans fats. With high protein, a great source of fibre, and REAL TOPPINGS, these treats offer both superior nutrition and gourmet taste. @rspnutrition

If you are interested in carrying these products in your store, please contact Jamie or Erin at