During these uncertain times, we have had way more time looking at our skin in the mirror every day and noticing all the imperfections.  All those unwanted lines, pimples, sun spots, rosacea and such, now more than ever, look worse during this world wide lockdown.

Today we are going to tackle some of these skin issues and I am going to give you some of my top tips to help rejuvenate your skin in the comfort of your own home and make you happy and proud to look in the mirror again!  After all our skin is the most important thing we wear EVERY DAY!  No matter what age, sex, and ethnicity it is important to treat your skin and look your best.  As athletes we value the way we look in front of the mirror naked and on the beach with as little on, it is time we do the same with our skin and say goodbye to photoshop skin filters and pounds of makeup to cover up the issues!

Problem #1 – Pimples

These are those enemies that appear at the worst times and can be so deep and painful, and of course they are a lovely shade of RED that make them impossible to go unnoticed.  Talk about bringing you back to your high school years. All we need is a crackling voice and its deja vu puberty!


Face picking is very common and especially since we are at home most of the time and the picking temporarily distracts you from what is really going on!  We have all had a night where we have sat on our bathroom counter and went to town with our face… yes we all are guilty of that, including me.

Fight the urge to pick at your face!   Breaking a pimple as satisfying as it may temporarily seem will cause acute inflammation to the area even more, therefore causing it to be even more noticeable.  So much for being discrete!  It also will spread the bacteria to other areas of your face and where there was only one single pimple you now wake up with more pimples in the same area.  So stop!

You should wash your face every morning and night with a product containing salicylic acid to keep the pores clear.  Add a small dose of AHA & BHA (Alpha & Beta Hydroxy Acids) to the affected / inflamed area at night after washing and this will help reduce the pimple and inflammation. If you have an evening event to go to and you see a pimple appear when you wake up, dab a touch of AHA/BHA on that pimple and it should clear by the evening.  Presto!

My go to is Intensive AHA Peel concentrated serum 12% from Esthederm Paris 30ml $69

Problem #2 – Oily Skin

This is usually caused by genetics, so please forward all your complaints to your parents.  The Sebaceous Glands produce excess oil which leaves your skin looking shinny and gives it a heavy look when it really does not need extra oil.  It can affect us in different ways, some people notice more oil just in that time of the month (ladies) while others 24/7. Regardless who loves walking around looking like a high gloss sheet of paper?  I sure wouldn’t like that!

Solution: Matte Oily Absorbing Cream

The at home solution is to start with an oil controlling skin care to minimise the probability of shiny skin developing throughout the day.  Such as Esthederm’s Pure Control Care Cream moisturiser (50ml $49) which absorbs oil and gives the skin a matte look without feeling heavy.  The last thing you want to do is wash your face multiple times a day trying to remove the oil, resulting in your body just produces more to replace it.

Problem # 3 – Puffy Eyes – Dark Circles (Bags)

Whether it is hereditary or not these dark bags under the eyes are extremely annoying and very noticeable. Eyes are the first thing most people notice…well maybe us in the fitness family notice some nice abs and arms but the eyes are still at the top of all our lists.

Solution: Use cold eye cream with caffeine or hyaluronic acid

When you are faced with swollen, puffy dark circled eyes the first things you need to do is cool and soothe the area to bring down any initial swelling or puffiness.  Keeping your eye cream in the fridge will help with that extra soothing benefit. Place it beside your probiotic and fish oils so it becomes part of your morning routine! Don’t forget to apply this cold gem at night time as well!  The caffeine and/or hyaluronic acid will really help to reduce the dark circles and brighten up your eye area!

Make sure you are also staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water and avoiding salty foods as this will help reduce the puffiness throughout the day.

Problem # 4 – Sun Burn

Yes, sun protection is key, but perhaps you forgot to apply this FUNDAMENTAL step in your morning routine or you simple forgot to reapply.  Whatever the reason may be the UV rays have burned your skin turning you into a blistering lobster as opposed to a Greek sun kissed god or goddess.  Flexing poses don’t look that good when you’re burnt!

Solution: Don’t forget to apply SPF

The simple fact of the matter is to not forget to apply and reapply your SPF.  When the skin is sunburned, you need to hydrate it, so the best thing to use is Esthederm’s Cellular Water Spray with hyaluronic acid (100ml $29, 200ml $39) .  When the skin is sunburned, it loses water so the Cellular Water with hyaluronic acid will manage to attract and maintain the water in the skin so that it looks and feels instantly better. Our skin has a hydrophobic layer that keeps it waterproof, meaning we can’t just hydrate it with water.  This special patented molecular Cellular Water bypasses the hydrophobic layer to hydrate the skin immediately.  Once you try it you will come back for more.  It’s a staple I carry in my hand bag always.

Problem # 5 – Ingrown Hairs

These are the hairs that get trapped under the surface of the skin that can cause infections and painful pimples until the hair is removed.

Solution: Exfoliation

Before you shave make sure you are exfoliating the skin first, this will help clean and clear the pore if it’s clogged.  Also shaving with hot water will help to unclog the follicle, and please use a new razor with every shave!  Bacteria is a real thing and skin and hair stuck in your razor is a true breading grown so if you are using that razor over and over its no surprise you are prone to ingrowns!

A more permanent solution would be laser hair removal, since the hair follicles shrink in size, so the hair becomes finer and eventually does not produce any hair which makes ingrown hairs impossible to occur.  It is definitely the best solution to the ingrown hair problem, and its virtually pain free, as I speak from experience.

Problem # 6 – Dark Spots

Whether a pimple left a discoloured mark on your skin or you have sun spots, liver spots or age spots, these dark spots have left your skin discoloured and very noticeable; no amount of cover-up can help you here!

Solution: IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

A solution to remove sun spots, freckles, liver spots etc is IPL.  IPL effectively fades and removes these discolorations leaving your skin clear of any ungainly marks.  It greatly improves the overall skin tone, texture and radiance.  IPL technology is attracted to the dark pigmentation, effectively drawing the discolouration to the surface of the skin and then it just falls off.  Depending on the severity of your pigmentation some clients may require a single treatment while others require a few more treatments to achieve the best results. This is a treatment that is tailored to each individual client and we would discuss this during your consultation along with your expected results.

Problem # 7 – Dull Skin, Dry Skin

The truth is you can brighten your skin using every filter out there but in order to up your selfie game you have to get to the root of the issue.

Solution: Sleep & Multi-Vitamin for your skin

Not only is sleep beneficial for your workout gains but your skin gains too. The lack of sleep affects everything in your body in a negative way!  Another solution is a multi-vitamin for your skin after all you’re taking so many supplements for fitness, protein powders, omegas etc. to get your body in shape, so why should we leave the skin malnourished?

My go-to for anyone with dull skin is Estherderm’s Spiruline Serum & Cream. (Serum 30ml $95, cream 50ml $99) This amazing combination is a multi- vitamin for your skin as it is packed with 220 nutrients. It will not only bring your skin radiance but it will make it look alive again!  Your skin will be nourished and healthy.   Pair this with a weekly gommage exfoliation (Lightening Buffing Mask 75ml $39) and you can kiss your dull skin day’s goodbye!

For something more advanced and serious the best treatment I would recommend is a Microdermabrasion or Hydrabrasion treatment.  These medical grade treatments safely exfoliate the skin by removing the dead skin, black heads and junk that the skin has accumulated.  The Hydrabrasion treatment also has the ability to hydrate the skin by infusing serum, leaving you with hydrated glowing, radiant skin.

Problem #8 – Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Need I say more?  When I ask people what their complaints are about their skin, hands down Wrinkles, Fine Lines and overall aging will ALWAYS be mentioned.

Solution: natural treatments

Most forums will say Botox is the best for fine lines and wrinkles, however there are countless alternatives available without injecting Toxin in your body!  Especially if we ever go into another lockdown in the future as the fillers and Botox wears out…well you will be wishing you did more natural treatments.  But ultimately it is your body.

We can peel away the fine lines and wrinkles and help speed up our body’s cell turnover rate and stimulate the natural collagen and elastin in the skin.  MicroNeedling and Fractional Resurfacing will remove the top layers of skin, and give way for the new skin to grow in its place.  It leaves you with a smoother texture making fine lines disappear and resurfacing those deeper wrinkles.   Not only do these treatments help with the deeper lines but they also help with stretch marks and scars anywhere on the body!   We can stack the above treatments in order to help lift and tighten the skin and give it that tight smooth look.

Glycolic peels and Retinol peels can also help to speed up the cell turn over, but these treatments can make your skin more sensitive to the sun so my advice is to save these treatments for the colder, darker months!

For homecare there are plenty of serums and moisturizers that are used to plump the skin and help it look fuller, more hydrated and reduce the fine lines & deeper wrinkles.  For best results I would discuss home care and treatment protocol with you and design a bespoke treatment plan to get you the results you need.

So in the end just because we are stuck in our homes it does not mean we cannot have an active part in doing some positive work to our skin.  Start off with a few tips and master those and work from there.  Build a foundation, build a routine.  Invest in some skin products that are specifically tailored to your skin and needs.  The results will come, and when we get out of quarantine then I would be happy to meet with you one on one and take you to the next level of skin care.  Just like Rome was not build in a day, either was your skin, b hen you do get those results, like your abs you will want to show your face naked to the world to see and marvel.

If you have any personal questions, or suggestions you wish to see discussed in the future, feel free to reach out to Laura personally at Feel free to send me a DM at @body_tuned_by