That’s right, you’ve heard it here first – PVL is bringing you the latest in their long line of great products. With two flavours, and at only $49.99, EAA+BCAA Complete will be your go to for amino acid support.

PVL Product Statement:

EAA+BCAA COMPLETE™ is a complete EAA (essential amino acid) blend. There are 9 essential amino acids, of which 3 are also known as BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids). More and more research shows that a complete EAA blend (including BCAAs) shows better growth and recovery than by just supplementing with BCAAs alone. The addition of L-Arginine (CEAA) aids in total amino acid transport. Stacked with a stimulant-free focus blend, energizing B-vitamins, all 5 electrolytes and boosted with a 100% dose of the patented absorption agent, BioPerine® EAA+BCAA Complete™ is the most complete formula of its kind – ready for every sport.

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