Mango smoothies bowl with blueberries, granola, chia seeds and almonds on wooden background

The perfect healthy answer to the ice cream sundae, this delicious smoothie bowl, full of refreshing tropical fruit, is exactly what you’re going to want to turn to for breakfast, lunch, snack or even dinner (Well at least dessert) on any hot summer day!


cup frozen mango chunks
½ frozen banana 
¾ cup almond milk   


¼ cup fresh blueberries
1 tbsp chia seeds
1 tbsp almonds, sliced 
1 tbsp granola 
1 tbsp coconut, shaved 



  1. Combine the frozen mango chunksbanana, and almond milk in a blender. 
  1. Blend until smooth.  
  1. Put the mixture into a bowl and top with the blueberries, chia seeds, almonds, granola, and coconut. 
  1. Serve immediately and enjoy. 


Nutritional Information: 
Calories: 325 
Protein: 9g 
Carbs: 54g 
Fat: 11g