Too much wine and now I am confused

We’ve all been there; you go out for an awesome night on the town, drink way too much, and you wake up the next morning in a hangover-haze beside some person you just met. It happens to the best of us. These tips and tricks will show you how to keep the morning after awkwardness to a minimum and help you leave without offending your one-night stand.   

Get Out of Bed ASAP. 

When you first wake up, you might feel awful because you drank way too much the night before. No matter how bad you feel, get out of bed. Lingering in bed with your partner can be really awkward if you don’t know what to say or you’re itching to leave. Say you have an early meeting or you have to meet someone, and get out of bed immediately. 

Small Talk. 

As you’re gathering up your clothes and trying to find where your boxers ended up, make small talk with your new friend to break the ice a bit. Comment on the weather or laugh about the night before, anything to ease the tension.  

Don’t Go Out For Breakfast. 

You might start to feel bad because you want to run out of your one-night stand’s house faster than a burning building, and maybe you think it’s a good idea to suggest going out for a quick breakfast to break the awkwardness. Don’t do this unless you’re somewhat interested in the other person and you think you might want to see them again. If you end up going for breakfast, feelings could blossom for one party and not the other, and this will be even more awkward than it already is. 

Get Some Closure. 

If this person is a stranger, you might want to get their number so you can relive the awesome night you just had. If you like the person, go for it. If not, don’t offer your phone number just to be nice. This creates the expectation that one of you will call, which can make things awkward and create negative feelings between you. Just don’t say anything, give him or her a hug, and go, because let’s be real here, you aren’t really going to marry your one-nighter, anyway.