1. Tennis was originally played with players’ bare hands
  2. The Grand Canyon is large enough to hold approximately 900,000,000,000,000 footballs
  3. Unless food is combined with saliva, you won’t be able to taste it
  4. A bowling pin is designed so that it will tip over once it has been displaced by a sway of 7.5 degrees
  5. The tug-of-war was actually an Olympic sport from the years 1900 to 1920
  6. The outdoor pastime/sport of orienteering originated in Sweden
  7. 11 percent of people are left-handed (though in Canada, many teach themselves at a young age how to shoot a hockey stick and swing a baseball bat left-handed)
  8. A standard soccer ball is comprised of 32 leather panels and sewn together using a total of 642 stitches
  9. Many people have an extra rib; in fact, eight percent of the population does
  10. The sport of volleyball was invented in 1895 at the Springfield College of the YMCA; it was originally called “Mintonette”
  11. The fastest healing part of your body is your tongue
  12. The human body of a 155-pound person contains 200 micrograms (0.2 milligrams) of gold