Bison Herd at Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba

Welcome to Grasslands National Park, a true homage to Canada’s wide open Prairies. Located in Saskatchewan, your options for activities are practically endless – from hikes, camping, dinosaur bones and traditional wagon rides, you will find fun for the entire family.

When it comes to hiking, Grasslands offers trails for the novice and the experienced, diving up their trails between marked “front country” trails and unmarked “back country” trails. The front country offers 12 different trails, ranging in length from the 750m Top Dogtown and Creek to Peek Trails to the 11km Broken Hill Trail, which offers the best uninterrupted view of the park. For those with more experience looking for a little bit more effort there are 3 back country trails, which all take anywhere from 4 to 6 hours to complete.

Whether you’re on the front country or the back country be sure to keep your eyes out for wildlife. Bison are a popular sight in the Grasslands, as are rattlesnakes so be sure to read the wildlife guidelines and come prepared.

Grasslands is not just a national park, but it has also been named one of Canada’s largest and darkest, Dark Sky Preserves – which are designated protected areas with minimal light that allow for proper star gazing. So, be sure to bring your camera, and telescope to check out Grasslands at night as well!