Have you ever wished that you could swim in a crystal blue lake, on top of a mountain, hidden away from the world in your own magical paradise? While good news – you can!

Located 3822ft up on the Tantalus Mountain Range (located in the aptly named Tantalus Provincial Park) Lovely Water Lake isn’t your typical day trip – in fact, it’s unlikely that you can make it in a day at all. With no road access – a boat is necessary to cross the Squamish River – and a challenging hike up the side of the mountain, you will likely wish to make camp once you’ve finally reached the top – however, the views from this scenic glacial lake are well worth the trip.

It might not be a tropical retreat – atop of a mountain can be nippy at the best time of the year – and it’s certainly not for the faint of heart to get up there, but the rewards if you can get to the top are more than worth it.