Tired of having to buy new gym clothes every few weeks because they’re so ratty and stinky that they’ve become unwearable? Try these simple tips to keep your gym clothes looking (and smelling) like brand-new: 

  • Your gym clothes are made from different fabrics than your other clothes, so they need a different type of care. Wash them separately because the buttons, zippers, and type of fabric of your favourite shirts and jeans can do real damage to your gym gear. 
  • Before you wash them, make sure everything is inside out. This is will prevent the outside of the clothes from rubbing and pilling (which is caused by friction). 
  • ALWAYS use cold water. This will prevent colour bleeding and fading, as well as breakdown of the material. Look for a gentle detergent that is meant to be used in cold water (and some are even made especially for activewear). It will be just as effective as hot water detergent, but so much nicer on the fabric 
  • NEVER use fabric softener because it will affect the elasticity of your clothing and create build-up on the fabric that will actually lock in bacteria. 
  • Skip the dryer. The heat from the dryer will cause your activewear to lose its elasticity and colour.  
  • After a workout, don’t simply throw your clothes into your bag or laundry hamper. Let them air out a bit on a hanger until the sweat has dried. This will reduce bacteria and permanent sweat stains on your clothes and allow you to wash them less.