An elevated view of Lake Revelstoke from Mount Revelstoke British Columbia Canada on a stormy day

Opened in 1914, Mount Revelstoke National Park is one of the many early and iconic national parks that stretch through the mountainous terrain of British Columbia and Alberta.  Part of the Columbia Mountain range (as opposed to the slightly more famous Rocky Mountain range), Mount Revelstoke offers a slew of breathtaking and unique sights which can be viewed either from the Meadows in the Sky Parkway, or the 21 hiking trails that stretch through the park.

These 21 trails are separated into three distinct areas: Lower Mount Revelstoke (which has a mixture of difficulties, The Summit Area (which is accessible by car, and all trails are labelled as easy) or Miller, Eva and Jade Lakes (the most difficult of the three, as they range from moderate to difficult). Offering panoramic views of the mountains, or winding trails through old growth cedar-hemlock forests, this park truly offers you a variety of the nature that Canada has to offer.

For those looking for a little bit of history and fun, you can also make your way to the Nels Nelson Ski jump, and step into the sculpted pair of Nels knickers to feel the heart pounding thrill of leaning over the epic drop – which hasn’t actually been used as a ski jump for 40 years.