We here at Inside Fitness pride ourselves on being able to bring to you the latest and greatest news in fitness across Canada. Which is why we’re excited to share this press relase for a new and unique way to get your fitness gains in. Kickstarter for BoardGains, starts October 20th. See the full details below.

Fitness board game coming to Kickstarter will offer fun new way to get fit with family, friends

BoardGains™ gamifies group and solo exercise through unique fitness board game

Mississauga, Ontario — Aug. 17, 2020 — Eric Mathura discovered the power of board games to unite people around fitness while working his day job as a personal trainer turned marketing and business manager for a local gym.

In 2016, he created a specialty bootcamp event called “Board Games Bootcamp,” applying a fitness twist to four different board game concepts. The event was a success, and it planted a seed in Mathura’s mind: What if one of those concepts could be turned into a real game?

After developing and testing his initial ideas, he came up with BoardGains™, a fitness board game in which individual players or teams roll the dice, move their game piece, complete physical exercises, and then collect “gains.”

The objective is to collect a set number of gains before anyone else or collect the most gains in a set amount of time. Players can gain advantages or are hit with disadvantages by collecting “Lucky? Play Cards.”

BoardGains is family-friendly, with simple, easy-to-follow rules. The game can be played in approximately one hour in any setting, no special equipment required.

Mathura continued to develop and test different iterations of the game throughout 2019. When COVID-19 rocked the world, Mathura seized an opportunity to finish the game’s development while furloughed due to his gym employer temporarily closing its doors.

Now, Mathura is gearing up to launch a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign this Fall to raise the funding to put BoardGains in the hands of people everywhere. Mathura believes the timing is perfect as more people are staying at home and turning to home fitness activities during the pandemic.

“My vision in creating BoardGains is to provide a fresh new way to promote family fitness and friendly competition in any group of friends playing at the park or beach,” Mathura said. “The game is versatile enough to be used by personal trainers to teach their fitness classes and can even be played solo at home to get a workout in. The main goal is to make fitness fun and help all people achieve lasting health and wellness.”

Anyone who subscribes to the BoardGains email list will receive an early bird discount to the BoardGains Kickstarter release, a free print & play version of the game, and access to the BoardGains VIP Community.

View a video testimonial from a group of players after a BoardGains workout at https://youtu.be/zDxsscuzRGc,

Learn more about BoardGains and sign up for the email list at https://www.boardgains.com.