As Hot & Fit 2020 has started up again, we thought we’d give you this look back at our catch up from 2019, withour very first Hot & Fit winner, Lysbeth Lopez (@lyzbethlopez). Remember, you have until November 15th to get your submissions in this year. See our “Hot & Fit Page” for complete submission guidelines.

I can’t believe has been ten years! How times flies! I still remember Terry calling me to tell me his plans and how honoureI felt to be chosen as IFM’s first Hot & Fit 100 winnerTo this day, I’m still grateful and humbled by the experience.  

Over the last ten years, I’ve definitely grown and learned a lot along the way, and all of these lessons have led me to the path that I’m on today. Ten years ago, I was an active fitness competitor on the PRO scene competing in shows and I was also training clients to compete. The Hourglass Workout was only one year old we had one location where I taught four classes a day, a few times a week, and I was also personal training roughly six to eight clients a dayI was super hands on in every aspect of the business back then. I was the owner, assistant, web designer, and administratorI was even at the Apple store twice a week learning how to build a website to create the Hourglass Workout and websites in iweb and html.  

Fast-forwarding to today, I sit here at the front desk in our downtown Toronto flagship location writing this article, with Erika energetically shouting out cues to our 6:15pm class, Raven working the front desk helping our clients, and Kaitlyn working away on the back end of the business helping us grow and improve. It’s nice to reflect on how far we’ve come and what a phenomenal team that we’ve built. I spent the morning at our new Spadina and Dupont Hourglass Workout location with our core head office team discussing renovation work to come for us to open this new location in the next few weeks, and then I spent the afternoon chatting with my group of a few thousand on-line personal training clients, helping them through our current three month challenge.  

While from the outside it may appear that we’re killing it, we’ve definitely had our struggles along with way, as all growing businesses do. It’s been both challenging and rewardingOn the positive side, some fun things that have happened in the last ten years includes: being listed as one of the Top 10 Fitness Influencers in the World by Forbes Magazine, having the opportunity to collaborate with the amazing Khloe Kardashian for workouts for her Khloe App, flying out to LA, New York, and Miami to shoot for Cosmopolitan, Elle, and other mainstream fashion magazines and hubs, and I tied the knot and we are now expecting our first baby 

Best of all, I’ve had the opportunity to grow and expand this awesome fitness business hand and hand with my husband as my business partner. Hourglass Workout now has eleven locations with the most amazing women at the head of their businesses. Creating job opportunities for amazing, inspiring women is definitely one of my favourite parts of the business.  

Having an important magazine like Inside Fitness give such an honour when I was still finding my way, personal training, and competing in fitness competitions, really helped to build my confidence and give me a positive footing in the industry.  

I’d like to wish special congratulations to all the past and future winners. It’s a very special honour that you will hold near and dear to your heart. Thank you Inside Fitness and congratulations on ten amazing years of celebrating Fitness Excellence!  


Lyzabeth Lopez