Northern shore of Great Lake Superior. Pukaskwa National Park of Canada. Ontario, Canada

Boasted by Parks Canada’s website as Ontario’s only “Wilderness” National park, Pukaskwa National Park, located on the shores of Lake Superior provide hikers and visitors a like with a slice of someone Ontario’s truly rugged scopes and vistas.

A rugged slice of the Canadian shield, covered in Boreal forest, and of course, on the shore of the biggest and most northern of the great lakes, Pukaskwa National park is the destination for the hiker and adventurer who is truly looking for a unique experience. From hiking, paddling, fishing and even geocaching, Pukaskwa has something to provide for everyone!

For the real adventurist at heart, they have two backcountry trips that can last anywhere from 5 days to two weeks! Depending on your preference you can hike or paddle along the longest undeveloped shoreline of the entire great lakes, taking in breath taking views, and pushing yourself through real challenges to become the ultimate wilderness explorer.

We know, however, that while we all like to be active, the extremes of nature might not be on the top of all of our lists, but that’s no concern, as Pukaskwa has day paddling and hiking adventures as well. For the paddlers, they should head to Hattie’s cove, where the calm waters are excellent for paddlers of any skill level; as for the hikers, Pukaskwa has 8 trails varying in difficulty, leading up to their most difficult, but most breath taking: an 18km hike through forest, bog and the Canadian shield to get to the White River Suspension Bridge which offers a stunning view of the Chigaminigum Falls, about 23m below!