Sometimes, the world becomes so far removed from what we know or expect that in order to earn money and do the work that we love to do, we have to not only think outside of the box, but we have to completely reimagine what that box looks like, tear it to pieces, and rebuild it from scratch. Then we need to look outside that box. Or, in our case, that window.

This is exactly what Window Workout is doing across Canada right now.

As a yoga teacher in downtown Toronto, with a lot of friends who also work in the fitness industry, I was starting to notice a general malaise amongst otherwise active and healthy people when the weather started to cool down and the second shutdown of fitness studios was announced. Not only were fitness teachers tiring of trying to become tech experts hooked up to their online Zoom classes, but students were beginning to tire of being on their computers all day for work then hop on their computer again for their fitness class. There was a demand for fitness, and a huge supply of fitness instructors – but we were just missing an alternative medium in which they could connect.

And so, Window Workouts was born. Picture a team of energetic, positive, diverse and inspiring yoga and fitness instructors traipsing across our beautiful country offering in-person exercise sessions, but through the Covid-Safe barrier of a homes/offices/condos/nursing home/school windows and doors. Literally, our fitness teachers will lead workouts from outside your glass door or window, so that you can see them smile and hear them through your phone. This is the real life connection and the real life accountability that we cannot get from online fitness right now.

The goal of Window Workout is to:

  • Provide meaningful movement and connection for people who are seniors, immunocompromised, families, athletes and those otherwise unable or uncomfortable working out outside.
  • Create meaningful work for teachers who are constantly losing work as studios close down.
  • To reframe the narrative about exercise in the world right now – where it is being framed in the media as something to either shut down or to do exclusively online (after most people are already online all day long).

Window Workouts has a growing team of passionate fitness instructors across Canada ready at the drop of a hat to spread smiles and sweat across their city, rain or shine, snow or blizzard, by offering personalized workouts in front of nursing home windows, family front porch windows and beyond. We all believe so deeply in the need for movement (especially as another Covid-19 wrought winter approaches) that we will literally freeze our fingers off to teach movement to those who need it (and want it) most.

What if, that elderly neighbour who hasn’t had a visitor for seven months suddenly started getting one-on-one Window Workouts with a young energetic teacher every Friday afternoon at 2?

What if, that kid that is immunocompromised and is on his computer 12 hours a day between online school and video games, has a martial arts instructor teaching him from his window every Monday at lunch?

What if we worked collectively to change the narrative about fitness during Covid-19? Visit to learn more.