It can be difficult for the average guy to navigate through an estrogen driven filled spa.  Having started my career from the bottom up I remember my superiors at the high end spa always talking under their voices and rolling their eyes when a guy would walk through the front door.  “Oh here come’s another Gift Certificate purchase” they would say.  I promised myself that I would never take men’s skin care for granted.  They have separate needs and different requests so I was not going to treat them (or their skin) in a way I would treat a woman’s skin.  Men, I am here to tell you that at Body Tuned By we take our men skin serious.  Having my husband for a partner and taking care of his skin for over 16 years now you will understand us as soon as you walk in.  You are an individual when you walk in to our spa.  It’s ONE on ONE no general treatment plans or guesswork here.  You are you and we value that!

Men need to take care of their skin just as much as women do. Now that I have gotten that out in the open it’s up to you men to take that torch and either extinguish it or pour some hi octane gas on it and take it running.    Did you know that a Men’s skin is actually thicker than a women’s by 25%?  Thanks to their abundance of testosterone in their bodies.  Pretty cool, right so if you’re a man and your reading this time to start focusing on your skin in a male specific approach.

This article will focus solely on home care not in clinic treatments.  You can view our previous articles on the best products and non-invasive medical treatments for your skin and feel free to DM us and we will respond to you.

Unless a man has problem skin like acne, razor bumps & burn, melasma or rosacea, keep the homecare regimen very simple.  Remember KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) this law works perfect here.

#1- Start with a gentle cleanser – ditch that bar of soap that’s in the shower that you use to scrub your manhood and start using something that will actually benefit and soothe your skin. Fragrance-free and calming tend to be the best approach for my male clientele like this one from Esthederm Paris.  (  Avoid alcohols since they will irritate the skin especially after a shave… ouch!

What is amazing about this cleanser is that you can actually keep it in the shower stall so that you never reach for that bar of soap again!!  It stops the temptation!

#2 Exfoliation — Next you need exfoliation only 1-2 times per week.

Here is a tip gentlemen coming from a woman.  Make sure the one time a week is before a date night, we like kissing and caressing soft facial skin.  Exfoliation is an important step to get rid of the dirt, oil and dead skin that builds up during the week and from the gym.  It will help keep your skin free of bacteria, dryness and it also helps to eliminate blackheads 😉

My go to is again is from Esthederm Paris skincare line and it’s a gommage, called Lightening Buffing Mask.  It’s a gentle way to exfoliate the skin and works with every skin type! (

Here is another tip, try to exfoliate on your shaving day. By doing so it allows for a better, closer shave since you’re removing all the dead clogged skin first.

#3 Serum – Face serums are light weight moisturizers that are packed with active ingredients that sink deeper into your skin.  They will boost hydration, reduce oil and are a valuable tool that is missing from many men (and women’s) home care routine. This is one of the most important steps to having healthy younger skin. Use morning and evening.  These are skin specific so best to get your skin assessed and analysed by a professional before making any decisions or choices.

#4- Moisturizer – Moisturizer will hydrate and protect your face.  It makes your skin firmer, prevents water loss, helps with anti-aging, helps with excess oil, dryness etc.  Again use morning and evening after the serum.  This too is skin specific as above.  So don’t go guessing or using what your gym buddy is using.

#5- Sunscreen – Whether it’s sunny or cloudy, sunscreen will protect your skin from the harmful UV rays. It’ll also prevents pigmentation, premature aging and sunburns!  So use this every morning!!! There is a huge connection with skin cancer and sun exposure, so do not skip this crucial step!  Many moisturizers have a built in sunscreen.  A cost and time saving bonus.


Aside from your skincare routine, there are many other ways to have a healthy life.  The fact that you’re reading Inside Fitness (Canada’s biggest health and fitness magazine) is already a huge step to getting gains in your overall health.  Let’s go over just some simple tips for better skin.

  • Drink plenty of water – I should not need to explain the importance of drinking water
  • Sleep- not only does sleep help with muscle recovery (post workout) but your skin is being rejuvenated as your sleep. Aim for 7-9 hours
  • Eat nutritious food- need I say more.
  • Careful with sun exposure

Most importantly be consistent with your health and skincare routines.  Consistency is important.  In the gym and with your skin care routine!  You don’t just workout your abs once per month and expect a 6 pack. You train them several times per week.  Same goes to develop a solid skincare routine that will make you look and feel incredible.  So now your skin will match that 6 pack.  It will give that woman more things to look at and admire.

Looking for some skincare help? Feel free to reach out I would love to guide you in the right direction.

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