2021 is quickly coming upon us, and that means a return of an Inside Fitness annual favourite: The Hot & Fit 100.  Hot & Fit has evolved greatly over the years. With each year, we have made a concentrated effort to use this platform to not just showcase ‘hot and fit’ women, but rather share their stories, their struggles, and their accomplishments. It has always been important to us that we take this opportunity to strengthen women, and empower them, to the best of our abilities.  Therefore, in this the 12th year of Hot & Fit, it only made sense for us to turn to a partnership that has been helping us empower women throughout the magazine for quite some time: Brenley Cunningham.

That’s right, this year, Hot & Fit will be partnering with DripFit in order to help give it the final oomph that it needs to really strengthen its ability to raise women up, and bring us all together.  As such, you will also be seeing a couple of changes to the format of the competition as well.  The ‘Top 10’ that you are used to seeing has been reduced to the ‘Top 5’, and in place off those previous 5 “final” spots, we are going to be handing out additional inspirational awards, which will allow us to dig deeper into the lives of our contestants, and really use our platform to share who these women are. It has always been a struggle, in the past, that we can really only share the amazing story of our winner, and we are therefore excited to finally be able to do more.

Two of the categories that we are particularly excited to promote are the following:

  • Inspiration Category
  • Fit Over 40

Furthermore, in light of the cancellation of the Toronto Pro Show, we have decided to extend our deadline to Wednesday, November 25th; this will enable more people to hopefully have  a platform to promote and celebrate the hard work that they have put into themselves. This year’s submissions have been great so far, and we are thrilled to see what more is to come.