While COVID-19 is doing it’s best to slowdown the premiere of new media, however, as we have learned the world keeps turning and there are still a few moves coming out to theatres that are open, video on demand, and of course our favourite streaming sites.

Below is an outline of what we should be able to expect in the form of media for February.

February 3rd

Superbowl’s Greatest Commercials 2021 (CBS 8pm)

February 5th

Falling (Theatres & VOD)
A Glitch in the Matrix (Theatres & VOD)
The Human Factor (Theatres & VOD)
The Mimic (Theatres & VOD)
Malcom & Marie (Netflix)
Bliss (Amazon Prime)
Greenland (Amazon Prime)

February 7th

The Equalizer (CBS 10pm)

February 10th

Tough as Nails (CBS 8pm)

February 11th

Clarice (CBS 10pm)

February 12th

Judas and the Black Messiah (Theatre & VOD)
Buried by the Bernards (Netflix)

February 14th

American Idol (ABC 8pm)
The Great North (Fox 8:30pm)

February 16th

The Young Rock (NBC 8:30pm)
Kenan (NBC 9pm)

February 19th

I Care A Lot (Netflix)
For All Man Kind (Apple+)

February 23rd

Pele (Netflix)

February 24th

Snowfall (FX 10pm)

February 26th

Cherry (Theatre & VOD)

February 28th

The Walking Dead – Season 10 Returns (AMC 9pm)