When someone says Motown, you instantly think of the great nation to the south, LA or Detroit, and the start of a whole style of music that continues to influence artists to this day – but did you know that Canada had a little slice of “Motown” themselves?

Bobby Taylor & The Vancouvers were a Canadian soul or R&B band that originated first out of Calgary, before moving to Vancouver and eventually being noticed by members of the Supremes (Mary Wilson and Florence Ballard), and singing a deal with Berry Gordy Jr. CEO of Motown. With the label they produced one record Bobby Taylor & The Vancouvers, in 1968.

The group was quite a cultured group, having members that were black, white, aboriginal, and even half Chinese Tommy Chong who would later become famous for being the second half of the comedy duo Cheech and Chong.

The group did not last long, before they inevitably suffered differences of opinion and broke up, though that did not stop them from leaving their mark, and Taylor went on to create a solo career for himself, most notably as the first producer for the Jackson 5.