Whether you are calling it Family Day, Islander Day, Nova Scotia Heritage Day or Luis Reil Day, hopefully you are enjoying the time off and putting your extra day of the weekend to good use – though, this holiday Monday has found itself falling on another, less commonly known or celebrated day in Canada: National Flag Day.

On February 15th, 1965, at the strike of noon exactly, our now iconic Red Maple Leaf flag was raised in front of Parliament Hill for the very first time – and in 1996, National Flag day to celebrate this moment of Canadian pride was officially declared!

For many of us who were born after 1965, we do not think much on this day, and simply take the instant identity that comes with our flag for granted – We’re Canada, of course we have our own flag, but of course this is a very recent development in our history.

So, on this holiday Monday, consider throwing on some red, and take a moment to be proud for being Canadian.