At its most basic form, Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday is the term referred to the carnival or feast day in the Christian practice of Lent. There are a great number of days involved in this several week-long practice, though Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras tends to be the day that is most universally celebrated, often without following through with the sacrifices for Lent that are supposed to be followed.

Here in Canada, Fat Tuesday can often be known as Pancake Day, as that is one of the traditional sweet, fat filled foods that you indulge in before moving into Lent, which was the original purpose of the day.

Whether you’re having breakfast for dinner, or taking a page from New Orleans book and really diving into the feeling of “Mardi Gras”, take a change to indulge in something that you love today! Even if you aren’t strictly Christian and looking to follow the practices of Lent, it has been a long year, and we all deserve a moment of socially distanced and safe enjoyment