Aeryon Ashlie founded Aeryon Wellness after spending years struggling with her own personal health issues. With the mission to “Empower Women with Holistic Heath” she recognized there is no magic pill. “We must look at the whole picture, the thoughts we think, food we eat, daily movement and then supplementation.”

Which is why, Aeryon Wellness is excited to launch the newest innovation to the brand with the use of QR codes. On the front of each Aeryon Wellness label there will be a QR code that will link retailers and customers directly to a short, product specific, educational video, recipes, meal planners, plus tips and strategies to support the consumer on their wellness journey. “If it can work for menus, then I thought this technology can help educate and allow customers to get to know me and our brand better.” says Aeryon Ashlie.  Look for QR codes on all Aeryon Wellness labels beginning May 2021.

We are Women Owned. We Are Canadian. We are Aeryon Wellness.

To learn more, scan our QR code here: