We all have a desire to live long and healthy lives. This becomes more and more of a challenge as we change with age. There are a growing number of studies and research that support the notion of being able to live longer, healthier and happier by making small changes in our daily lives.

And in 2020, we may all feel like we have aged more than usual. Our mental, physical and economic health have been tested. Now, more than ever, we should be looking out for our physical and mental health.

Nutrition and exercise play a critical role in our physical and mental health. Our body is an ecosystem that requires maintenance in all different areas.

But did you know you could work on your hearing while you listen to music and workout the muscles in your body?

Lost in the chaos and crowded health and wellness industries are those that are having difficulty hearing, an “invisible disability,” often ignored and now being exacerbated by COVID-19 and the lack of access to adequate care. The COVID-19 pandemic has also made it even more difficult for individuals with hearing loss to communicate and helped others identify their own hearing issues and how much they relied on lip reading to communicate.

It usually takes about seven years for a person, who believes they have hearing loss, to get diagnosed and seek treatment. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that by 2030 over 630 million people will have disabling hearing loss and by 2050 the numbers may reach over 900 million people.

We all know someone who is suffering from hearing loss, and it is very likely that each of us has or will struggle with hearing at some point in our lives. This can lead to frustration, isolation, depression, and many secondary physical and mental health issues that can be far more devastating.

Although there are solutions to address some of these issues, not all of us are candidates for hearing aids, sound amplifiers and cochlear implants – and quite frankly, they can be hard to access, expensive, and invasive.

“Blindness cuts us off from things,

but deafness cuts us off from people.” – Helen Keller

Thankfully, help is on the way. AudioCardio is a data- and science- backed mobile app that provides personalized sound therapies to help you maintain and strengthen your hearing while you engage in other activities like working out. It also encourages healthy hearing habits without the worry of high costs and negative social stigmas connected to hearing loss products. AudioCardio offers an affordable and accessible way to maintain and strengthen your hearing with clinically proven sound therapies. Utilizing their patented Threshold Sound Conditioning technology, AudioCardio is designed to help individuals suffering from sensorineural hearing loss (age-related, noise induced, disease, ototoxicity) and tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and is engineered to target key frequency ranges to help stimulate the weakened inner ear hair cells so that sound may be successfully transmitted through the auditory pathway to the brain.

The AudioCardio mobile app is easily accessible through your smartphone and tablet and can be paired with standard consumer headphones or earbuds. Individuals take the in-app hearing assessment that checks your natural hearing ability to generate personalized sound therapies and provides you with a hearing score. The sound therapy is a daily one-hour session that can be done in the comfort of your home and on your own schedule. It is a passive sound therapy that you can incorporate into your daily routine since it does not require active engagement. The sound therapy plays at the barely audible (or just inaudible) level and runs in the background which allows you to receive it while doing other activities and while falling asleep.

AudioCardio’s Threshold Sound Conditioning technology has been clinically proven to be effective and significant with Stanford University, Palo Alto Medical Foundation and Samsung Medical Center. AudioCardio is a solution that hopes to help individuals with mild to moderately severe hearing issues to support better communication and hearing wellness. You can try it free for 14 days by signing up at www.audiocardio.com.

As technology continues to transform the way we manage our health and wellness, we hope 2021 is safer, healthier, and happier.