The biggest struggle we women face is stressing about when to wash our hair based on factors such as the gym, events, travel plans or whatever else it may be. You don’t want to wash your hair, sweat at the gym later and then ruin your fresh blow-dry, right? Right! But let’s face it—we are all on a tight schedule and don’t have the time to be constantly washing our thick hair. Here are some tips (from a professional hairstylist) for you to get the most out of your hair without having to constantly tackle an hour-long shower and blow-dry.

1- STOP washing your hair every day!

I know, sounds kind of gross, but trust me on this one, ladies! The less you wash your hair during the weeks the better your overall hair and scalp health will be. Every time you wash your hair you are stripping your hair of its natural oils and dirt (which is good, but not if done daily), so when you are always washing your hair daily and stripping those natural oils it sends signals to your body to produce those natural oils even faster since you are always washing them away. Start going two to three days between hair washes and it will train your scalp to not produce oils as fast and you will notice your hair health even improve. Think of it like this, the more you wash away the good natural oils you produce, the more your body is in a rush to replace them. You almost have to “train” your head in a sense.

2- Ditch the drugstore shampoos and products.

Drug store shampoos and products are loaded with all sorts of fillers, powders and chemicals that are bad for the hair. These companies sold in big box chains want to pump out quantity more than quality, so switch up to professional shampoos and conditioners. You can buy professional products in most of your local hair salons and even online retailers (but supporting your locally owned hair salons is a big win too!). Many products found in drug stores will also have added waxes in them, which make hair feel and look shiny at first but after 24 hours make roots look shiny and ends feel dull—that’s the wax in an unprofessional product! You may be thinking your hair is greasy and needs a wash when really you just need to start switching to better products.

3- Use Dry Shampoo before your sweat session!

We have all heard of using dry shampoo when we see our hair is looking a little drab and oily, but a little secret I keep up my sleeve is using it right before your sweat session. The purpose of this is that it is preventing your hair from absorbing the sweat and oils during the process of working out. You will go through less dry shampoo doing it this way versus when you just pack it on after a heavy sweat session to hide the sweaty aftermath. Just take a body shower and then hit your hair with a blow dryer quickly after your workout and your hair looks just as fresh as when you walked in the gym.

4- Silk hair ties and scrunchies.

Who hates ponytail lines? All of us, let’s be real. Not cute. Saving the curls you worked so hard to do this morning is always a plus. Silk hair ties and scrunchies help reduce friction on the hair regular hair ties usually cause, in turn this also helps to prevent damaged hair and less of a ponytail demarcation line. Silk has a much more slippery feel to it and is easier to remove from hair, which means that you won’t need to be tugging anything out of your locks post workout.

Hopefully, these tips will give you some better gym hair days and help you save time during the week so that you aren’t constantly dealing with blow drying a whole head of hair daily. Get sweating ladies!