Approaching midlife frustrated and on the ropes?  Feeling punch drunk, dazed and confused as your peers realize their wildest bod goal dreams in their 40’s and beyond.  Wondering when you will FINALLY get the courage to throw your hat in the ring and take a shot at the title feeling confident in your abilities enough to actually claim it?

It’s YOUR fight night.  Time to weigh in!  Get to your corner!  I am about to spill the secret to rolling with the punches and claiming the title.  Going from contender to champion in midlife requires the Jab (The Analysis), the Cross (The Strategy) and the UpperCut (The Execution) which combine to form the Knockout.


Clarify YOUR why.  Get super clear.  Why do YOU want to be in the title fight of this life?  Why have you had enough of spectating?  Improved health, self-esteem, satisfaction, fulfilling your potential, pushing yourself to grow are all great fighting reasons.  After getting very clear on your why, establish your goals both short and long term, using the SMART formula.  Once you have a purpose and the goals that will support that purpose, identify habits that will drive you towards the fighting record you desire.  Next, discard the habits that will keep you from the knockout.  Write down YOUR why in big bold letters on a piece of paper and place it somewhere where you can see it clearly.  Every. Single. Day.  Take two pieces of paper.  On one of them write down what you want to see, feel, hear, experience and your specific goals.  On the next piece of paper write down what you do not want (comparison, poor self-esteem, inaction).  Tear up the piece of paper with the written down unwanted feelings, thoughts, behaviours that are keeping you from success and discard it in the trash.


YOUR strategic plan involves consistency and constancy.  Be consistent with your implementation of your golden strategy.  Study your analysis and then strategize your way to the top.  Create the conditions necessary for success.  Make the environment conducive for gold. Have a carefully and clearly crafted plan of attack for your workouts down to the particular workout you will complete and the length, the time of day of the workout, the days you will workout and where and even what you will wear.  As for nutrition, meal plan, cook and pack in advance.  Know the ins and outs of your nutritional needs and the goals you want to achieve.  The ability to control the external factors is a gift and in this situation you truly can.  In addition to the control of external conditions, set yourself up internally for success.  Affirm yourself and your abilities, implement meditation and mindfulness practices, set your mind and get psyched right. Finally, visualize yourself being declared the champ. In order to live life by YOUR design it is imperative that you are consistent in the way you massage the outcome.  This can be accomplished through attentiveness to the details around your success strategy.  The goal is to go from contender to champion and stay at the top. A fall from grace is unacceptable.  This requires a constant reliance on your strategy.  A constant focus on internal and external factors that are all within your control.  Spend the time and effort on the habits you have implemented as part of your proven strategy to reach the top.  Be consistent and be constant, blow by blow, to ultimately be your own champion.

The Upper Cut: EXECUTION

Style yourself a champion from head to toe, from mind to soul.  Be a champion.  If you want gold in this life, act as if.  Act as if you are ALREADY the champ.  In the way you dress, in the way you carry yourself and in your body language.  Style yourself as the champion you are then look to contend for the next big bout.

Why is this an effective method for becoming a midlife champion?  It clarifies your purpose and you know exactly what you are fighting for.  This keeps you accountable.  It’s clear and concise, it’s personally owned.  This method puts ideas and strategies into practical form and gives you insight into how to execute using your own signature style.  No guessing, no misunderstanding.  It may take you 10 rounds to beat midlife to the punch but always rely on your killer instinct and hit below the belt if you need to.  It’s your life after all, and who better to go for every one of life’s title shots than YOU!  Follow these strategies.  Jab, cross, uppercut to the knockout and you will surely go from contender to champion in no time at all!