We are now more than a year into this pandemic. Who could’ve imagined that life would have change so drastically for everyone? Each of us have been affected in some way or another.  The truth is: it’s OK to not be OK!  Do not beat yourself up if you’re feeling unmotivated, down, depressed, lethargic, heavy and hopeless because so many others are in this exact place. The stats are showing in North America alcohol and substance abuse are going up. Unfortunately, the suicide rates are rising, domestic abuse is on the rise, job losses, weight gain, bankruptcies and worst of all child abuse all increasing daily.

For some people just the anxiety of contracting Covid and transmitting it to a loved one can weigh so heavy on their minds. Trying to figure out home schooling, working from home and keeping up with all your bill payments will add an overwhelming feeling of heavy emotions and thoughts that bring you in to a state of fear, which lowers your frequency and vibration.  On the other hand, you could be feeling like Covid-19 is just a bad cold not believing its serious potential. You might not want to wear a mask or be confined by all the controlling rules the government is making for us.  Instead of feeling worried you are filled with anger, aggression, overwhelming thoughts of injustice and depression. These negative emotions are not healthy either and while they are consuming your mind, your vibration, and frequency are also greatly lowered! There is a ton of weight, anxiety, and fear planted on our shoulders but we have the ability to make it through. We can stick this out and see the light at the end of the tunnel. I know it might not be easy, but we can do it together.

So, what can we do to raise our vibration and increase the flow of loving, healthy, positive energy flow to us?

The most important thing is you need to get your self outside in the fresh air and sunshine! You need to roll your shoulders back, draw your belly in, stand up straight, confident and proud and start walking. If you can be in nature that will help increase your mood and mindset change. Get out of your mind and bring yourself to a place of observation taking in the powerful vibration of birds singing, squirrels playing, trees budding for spring. Tap into the comfort of water flow, whether in a pond or the lakefront maybe up at the cottage. Water is a power energy source for us to look at and take in.

Drink more water during the pandemic to flush out any extra food of substances you are bringing in. I always recommend for my clients to go through a chlorophyl phase choosing to drink this in the morning and evening helps you do a full cleanse of the stomach lining.

Next stop watching so much news! I know we want to be in the know but news instills fear and depression. I was also getting caught up in bouncing back-and-forth from CNN to CP24 daily and seeing all the fires, shootings, pedestrians and cyclists being killed and it was adding even more depressing energy than the pandemic information I was taking in. Instead I start listening to some relaxing, healing vibration music. There are different Hertz that are designed to increase healthy sleep patterns, improve mood, circulation, positive feelings and emotions, even stimulate your connection to your higher power.

Also bring the focus of raising the vibration in your home by creating a calm peaceful environment! You will need plants and fresh flowers. Himalayan salt lamps are amazing! I have one in every room of my house and in my office.  These inexpensive beauties help with so many healing benefits. Do some research and find out what crystals resonate with you; just seeing a crystal in your eye line can also bring you subconscious, positive energy. Candles are a must! Keep them in a safe place and light them every time you are home. If they are scented that’s even better. Our sense of smell helps release endorphins or happy hormones, which will allow you to feel relaxed, excited, and motivated which can immediately change our energy field as well.

Last pay close attention to the people in your social circle that you’re talking to. If you’re constantly talking to people that are bringing you down and sucking your energy from you it will lower your vibration. So, during this time of the pandemic bring your focus into creating healthy patterns and habits for yourself. Set the intention to bring more light and loving energy inwards. Once you do, it will be easier for you to impact and empower others and when we help others, we feel better about ourselves. It’s the great karma exchange.

Take whatever steps you can today to start raising your vibration!