Are you a natural born skeptic that does not believe in energy work, higher consciousness, or universal life force energy? Do you already feel like this article won’t resonate with you? If so, I invite you to read through it with an open mind, it will be helpful and empowering to know what’s going on in your energetic, physical, mental, and spiritual body at this very given moment! Whether you understand it or not, you’ve already been exposed to the healing benefits of energy work through yoga, meditation, breathing exercise, channeling, or my favourite Reiki. These experiences will make energy work easier to understand.

Science would refer to the Chakra system as a complex network of various energy centres located deep within your body that correspond to specific nerve bundles and internal organs, much like a spiritual nervous system. We have hundreds of chakras within and around us. In fact, every living being including the earth itself has chakras. Today, however, we will focus on the seven main chakras which run from the base of your lower spine to the top of your head. If these energy points become blocked you will experience physical, emotional, or mental symptoms related to the Chakra. On the other hand, when your chakras are balanced and clear you will notice that your life feels easy in all aspects. You will have a general feeling of deep-seated comfort and ease. You will be more confident, motivated, focused, clear and can see every situation that you face with a calmer, more stable outlook. As you’re hearing about the chakras pay attention to what triggers and resonates within you and that will be your indicator of what needs unblocking.

  1. The root chakra is located at the base of your spine and is the colour red. This chakra is related to issues of physical security and is greatly affected by your feelings on finances, career, home, physical safety, possession and in more specific terms this would include thought about money, savings, bills, retirement accounts, your job, layoffs, promotions, living conditions, the maintenance of your building, whether you should be moving or staying, vehicle, furniture, food, clothes and just the over all feeling if you’re in a safe healthy environment.
  2. The sacral chakra is located between your belly button and the base of your spine and is the colour orange. This chakra is affected by your feelings towards sex, addiction, and your body. Some thoughts would be physical pleasure and desires, thrill seeking, food, overeating, alcohol, drugs, your appearance, weight, sleep patterns and exercise habits. If you are not feeling confident with yourself this chakra could be blocked.
  3. The solar plexus chakra is located right underneath the rib cage and it’s the colour yellow. This chakra is affected by feelings regarding control, wisdom and power. Some thoughts tied to the chakra would be fear of being controlled by others like the government or a boss, fear of losing control, obsessed with power, fear of police, or feeling less than. Alternatively, you could be constantly replaying situations from your past where you felt overpowered in a relationship with a loved one or in business.

4.The heart chakra which is in the centre of your chest it is the colour green. This chakra is responsible for feelings in relationship, forgiveness, love and people attachments. Some thoughts tied to this chakra would be codependency, dysfunctional relationships, obsession, God, higher-self, romance, unforgiveness towards others or yourself or maybe you can’t stop focusing on an unhealthy connection within the family dynamics could be grandparents, spouse, stepparents or a loved one who passed away.

  1. The throat chakra which is located where the Adams apple is, is the colour blue. This chakra is affected by your feelings related to communication, speaking your truth and asking for all your needs to be met. These conversations could be with God, your employer, coworkers, loved ones, yourself. You could be directly communicating by singing, speaking, writing, art, teaching others and even channelling. The more you’re authentic and speak your truth the more the chakra will be clear and helpful to you and your day-to-day life.
  2. The third eye chakra which is located between your eyes in the centre of your forehead is the colour indigo. This chakra is affected by thoughts and feelings related to past, future, awareness and spirits. I personally love opening this Chakra during the Reiki sessions on my clients because people who don’t think that they can connect to spirit end up doing so. Some of the thoughts within the chakra could be past life, future self, desires to be clearer as in clairvoyant, tap into psychic abilities, fear of seeing spirits, angels, healing, love, trust. Do you have the capability of treating others the way that you want to be treated?
  3. And last but certainly not least the crown chakra found at the very top of the head it is the colour purple. This Chakra is affected by your thoughts and feelings related to divine guidance, God, religion, and my favourite spirituality what you need to take away from this chakra is can you have faith and unwavering trust that what is meant to be in your life will be. Are you open to your own higher power to bring you guidance focus motivation and clarity? Sometimes when we’ve grown up with a certain type of religious confinement we want to break away as adults and end up floating through life without anything grounding us to a belief system. We need to feel a deep-seated connection to something bigger than us; we need to understand that we are all from one and will all end up as one.


I hope as you read through the Chakra system it gave you a better understanding of the energy moving though your body. If you noticed certain characteristics or blockages that you need to clear away it’s easy once you are open.  If you are interested in bringing your chakras into balance, try to Reiki session. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!