Yes, we’re excited too – it’s time for Hot & Fit again! This year we will be again accepting submissions from inspiring woman 18 or older, from all across Canada; we yet again will be partnering with Brenley Cunningham, DripFit and LiveBTR this year, and are excited to continue to grow the changes that we made with them last year. This means that we will be keeping the new formatting for the competition, having the following spots available for consideration:

  • The Top 100
  • The Top 5 (Including our #1 Cover winner)
  • Inspirational Story and Fit Over 40 awards (5 Total)

The Hot & Fit 100 is a competition that is special to us, and we look forward to continue to use this platform to promote the outstanding accomplishments of our Canadian women.

Since submissions opened earlier this month, we decided to do a quick rundown, providing you with 10 tips, tricks, and FAQs for you to keep in mind as you get ready to submit:

1: Make sure you fit the criteria
This means that you should be Canadian born, or a current Canadian resident, over the age of 18. We will consider Canadians currently living out of country, though indicate your Canadian home town on the form when asked.

2: Do not submit black and white photos
This is simply a formatting issue; we cannot use black and white photos in our final layout, so they will automatically be out of consideration.

3: Ensure that you are submitting the high res edited versions of your photos
Photographers have two sets of photos – Low-res proofs they send you to review, and high res edited versions we use for print. Please ensure you are sending us the high-resolution edited prints. This also means there should be NO WATERMARKS on the photo. We will ensure proper credit is given.

4: Only submit once
We know that issues and errors occur, both technical or human; if you do not think that your submission went through, or you would like to make a change, please DO NOT try to submit again. Email to confirm or discuss the issue.

5: Less is more – don’t send too many photos
All your photos are outstanding and in a perfect world, we could review all of them, but hundreds of people submit to Hot & Fit every year, and we can only sort through so much. Please choose 4-5 of your best photos. In the end, we only choose one anyway.

6: Keep your answers on the form brief
In the spirit of “Less is More”, when answering our questions on our submission form, please try to keep them to 100-200 words. Again, we’d love to hear your entire stories in detail, but it is easier for us to sort through shorter answers – and the shorter your answer, the more the words stand out.

7: Ensure you fill out the form
To that end, PLEASE FILL OUT YOUR FORM. This is how we keep track of all the essential information for the submission process. If your photographer has told you that they will submit your photos to us directly, YOU STILL NEED TO FILL OUT YOUR FORM.  In this case, upload a solitary photo of yourself (it may be low res this time) and indicate in the photographer section of the form that the photographer will be submitting final photos for you.

8: Use recent, photographer taken photos
This is just a matter of print; photos not taken by a professional will not look proper on the page, next to the others, and as the competition is run yearly, we need to reflect, aproximentally, the last year for you as well.

9: Please, do not submit photos already used elsewhere
Again, this is just a matter of publication. We need to ensure that these photos are for the Hot & Fit competition only. Once the winners have been announced, you may submit or post the other photos elsewhere.

10: Make sure you format your files properly
All photos need to be labelled as the following: NameLastname_PhotographerName_##.jpg. This is to ensure smooth organization on our part.


Submissions, following the above tips and tricks, can be placed here. Best of luck!