Q&A with MOSHN CEO & CO-Founder Adrian Capobianco


We ‘sat down’ with Adrian Capobianco, MOSHN CEO, to find out more about this hot new Canadian health tech company. This is what we learned:

Inside Fitness (IFM): Adrian, we’ve been hearing about MOSHN from folks like Josh Cassidy who we did a podcast with. What is it?

Adrian Capobianco (AC): Thanks, we’ve been busy getting MOSHN out there. MOSHN is an on-demand streaming fitness platform that connects users with great trainers. We wanted to build a community that can help anyone get fit and stay fit from anywhere. People have access to live and pre-recorded streaming classes with a MOSHN trainer when and where they want.

IFM: What drives the team at MOSHN?

AC: Great question. A clear mission helps create focus. Our mission is to make the word a healthier place through personalized fitness for all.

IFM: How did you get such a power packed team?

A: Thanks. We’re really proud of the team and ambassadors that align with our vision. It’s about having a great product, a collaborative group to work with and the belief that we can do something truly amazing together.

IFM: There’s a lot of fitness apps out there. What makes you different?

AC: Actually, we don’t describe ourselves as a fitness app. We’ve created an eco-system, a network if you will that includes the app, plus a low-cost wearable device, plus a community of trainers. We haven’t seen anyone else on the market that offers what we do at the price point we do.

IFM: The wearable device sounds cool. Tell us a bit more about that.

AC: Our MOSHN MAX 2 is designed for walk, run and ride. It tracks cadence, steps, distance, kcals, and time. It tracks this in real time so that a trainer and client can see each other’s performance data throughout the livestream.

IFM: Do you need the device to use MOSHN?

AC: No. The device is the best experience for anyone who trains in ride or run, but we have trainers from around the world who use MOSHN without the device for leading yoga classes, bootcamps, resistance training, etc.

IFM: What does it cost?

AC: The great news, right now MOSHN is free for trainers to use and free for users. The MOSHN Max 2 device sells for $99.

IFM: Why do trainers like MOSHN?

AC: 1. Direct Connection: COVID showed us that it’s not only possible, but it’s sometimes easier to connect virtually. Great trainers build a 1:1 connection with their audience and MOSHN helps them do that.

  1. You Do You. We don’t tell trainers what to do or how to do it. They’re experts in their field and there’s a reason why their clients love them.
  2. The data. The real time data is great to help a trainer and client see each other’s activity, and we’ll be adding more devices and additional innovations in the year to come.

If you’re a trainer email matt@moshn.fit for a demo.

IFM: Where do I get it?

AC: Download MOSHN in the App Store and Google Play, its free to us for trainers and clients. Follow us on Instagram @moshn.fit and purchase the MAX 2 device soon at major retailers like Canadian Tire, Walmart and others. The best way though is to go to fitdeals.ca and use promo code INSIDE for 15% off the MOSHN Max2 device.